Saturday, July 2, 2011

Black Widow Bite

Because it is so funny, in that absurdest horrible kind of way, and because I want to make you all laugh as well as evoke your sympathy, I'm going to post on both blogs (more details on Sp Sq) that I recently returned from being hospitalized with a black widow bite.
Having lived in a hotbed of brown recluses in Lawrence, I was fairly blase about spider bites. Thursday afternoon being what perhaps the most physically uncomfortable afternoon of my life (ankle break and labor included, although both were more acutely painful), I may now turn into an arachniphobe.
Avoid black widow bites, and if you cannot avoid them, avoid getting them when you are 36 weeks pregnant and antivenom, muscle relaxants and serious pain drugs are all out of the question. You surely needed me to tell you that.
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Cathy said...

Good Lord, Sp Sq! So glad you are okay, but that sounds miserable!! For your sake, I look forward to the point at which the story becomes funny, as sometimes such traumatic, ridiculous things do. In the meantime, I wish you peaceful, cool (as in temperature), and comfortable rest before the next Big Event (by my math, 36 weeks suggests this is coming soon.)

Beth said...

Again so glad to hear you're ok. Please avoid black widows until after RR has arrived :-)