Monday, May 9, 2011


If you did not earn over a 50% on any one of the 5 exams in class, you probably shouldn't expect to pass the class.
Your performance in other classes has no bearing on your grade in my class.*
If the state requires a life science class with lab for a degree, and you have demonstrated neither passing knowledge of non-majors biology, nor passing effort in lab and homework, you probably don't deserve to graduate, despite being a senior with only this class between you and your diploma.
Just saying.

*Whether you are a self-described "straight-A student" indignant that you could be performing at less than an A level, or a poor student about to lose financial aid, your grade in my class is based on points earned in my class (and, as it turns out, I've done the math and I know that it is not just my class that is killing your GPA. The low grades in the other classes, be they current or past classes, also contribute to your GPA). For that matter, I don't take into account how upset your parents will be or how bothered that your wife will be that you have to commute another semester to re-take lab, BUT, YOU should probably take these things into account BEFORE you decide not to study or seek help in the class you are failing.


Sparkling Squirrel said...

I'm so good. To the student who swears that he and his girlfriend both heard me say that I drop an exam, I did not write back, "Perhaps you are thinking of a class that you actually attended, rather than X, for which you were present at 1 of 6 pop quizzes," or "Yes, I'm sure you learned all of the course policies just as well as as you learned the genetics information (28% on exam)" or many equally snarky thoughts.

Jennifer said...

But but but, I really NEEEEEeeeeeeeeddd to pass this class. How can YOU be so heartless?

I am with you SS...PULEASEEEE!!!

The fate of students are not in the hands of their professors, but in their own hands. We warn them of this, yet the do not head the warning until it is too late to change course. Then they blame us that they fail.

Beth said...

And it'll stop me from graduating. You can't do that can you? What do you mean I didn't earn enough points to pass. You mean you need to come to class? But I have more important things to do?!?

Cathy said...

Beth, I have one of those right now. I may single-handedly (because it is my fault of course) prevent this student from graduating. Augh, the pressure. Can I live with the guilt?!

Sparkling Squirrel said...

Cathy, isn't it awful? At least mine this year I have no remorse about-- the one who only needs my class to graduate did absolutely squat (even though he did realize at spring break that he was failing, and was willing "to come to class, see a tutor, or do whatever it takes until the situation is resolved" and then didn't) and the one whose college career ends because of me did not earn over 50% on any exam, but I have had those who just mysteriously bomb the final and suddenly it does feel like me fault.

Good luck.