Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Texting in labs

Another start of the semester post - Do your workplaces have rules about cell phone use in working labs? We have a kid in the lab that seems to be constantly on his phone texting. So I think with our new hires this week we need to lay down a rule about no cell phone use in the lab - go outside to talk or text. But I always wimp out of disciplining students. Ack. Though I did fire one last Friday! The students don't seem to take the lab job seriously - it is a real job - work the hours you say you will work or we'll fire you as we did last week! It's been a month of transition with a key lab person gone, another person brought on by the higher ups and trying to figure his role in our work life, realizing I don't really know what goes on in the lab, wondering if past people slacked off, etc.

On a positive note I found great dog trainers for the rust-colored one (great code name eh?) and he's much better with visitors and not attacking people on walks! It was mainly my behavior that needed to be modified. I need them to come in here and train me to get after students.


salsis said...

FYI - this was the worst round of hiring students I've ever done. The texter just said he can't put in his hours. Next time I'll check references.

Sparkling Squirrel said...

I don't have any good advice, but I sympathize.
How often do you hire?

salsis said...

We hire once a year to fill spots left by people who graduated. Next time I'm going just to entomology profs and units to ask for students. There's got to be some who care about insects! Or at least doing a good job in a lab. I graded papers in college. It would have been so cool to have the opportunities students have here.