Sunday, April 11, 2010

Not quite what I thought I signed up for

The short version just doesn't express the overall ridiculousness and fatigue involved in the situation.
Many books have gone missing from my 101 class.
The book store noticed that the same student sold back 4 books recently.
3 more books went missing in the middle of lab Thursday.
My lab instructor wants me to do something.
I have a student e-mailing me from the hospital where her grandmother is being tranferred and trying to find out how she can borrow a book since the woman she lent hers to apparently disappeared with it.
I have a student crying in my office about the state of her marriage.
I actually confront a student in the bathroom, search her book bag (she has only one book in it) and, in a scene straight from a bad movie, actually check the tampon disposals for books after she leaves.*
The rest of the lab is pissed off that I didn't nail her.
The campus security chief spontaneously contacts me. He somehow knows about book problems, but no student has come forth claiming his or her book has been stolen, so he has no victim, thus no crime and no investigation.
Two students who had given up their books as permanently loaned suddenly had them returned on Friday, although the actual books were not theirs.
I was sent a nasty e-mails for confronting a student in the bathroom when I knew she was going through a divorce.
I'm afraid the women's softball team is going to hurt the student "returning" of of their books to somebody else
I was sent a nice e-mail apologizing for the nasty e-mail when I was only trying to help.

That still doesn't convey all the ridiculousness.

*I was going to change the gender of the alleged thief, for the sake of anonymity, but that would make the bathroom scene actually more ridiculous that it actually was.


Beth said...

wow - good luck with everything.

Sparkling Squirrel said...

To make it more fun their was a confrontation at the end of lecture today.

Irene said...

Yikes. Maybe students at your new school will be less crazy.

salsis said...

And this is all over books being stolen and sold to the bookstore? Is it really about the books?

Sparkling Squirrel said...

SalSis- Pretty much about the books. $100 items are big deals (even though, of course, the student selling them back doesn't get anywhere near that). And three going missing at once. And lying.
Of course, I worry about what a young mother probably going through a divorce needs so badly that she's willing to betray the students she sits next to everyday.
I'm actually a little surprised that rampant book thievery is not more common.
I'm also shocked at how few of my students mark their books.

Jenny said...

I hope this gets resolved soon, SpSQ. Keep us updated!