Thursday, November 19, 2009

Transcript Codes

I was just looking at my KU transcript (I'm hoping to do the paperwork to get a diploma since they incinerated the first one) and noticed two numbers at the top I never previously paid attention to: CEEB and ACT.
I just now learned that CEEB is not some internal code, but rather College Entrance Examination Board. I'm now wondering a) where exactly these numbers are coming from and b) if people other than me automatically know how to interpret them.
The "ACT" reads 1470 which in not an ACT score (which is probably why I never previously thought they were scores) but I think it is my combined SAT score. The CEEB is 006871. It's not my GRE scores. Anyone know?


Erin said...

My transcript has the exact same numbers for CEEB and ACT. Must be something internal or department related?

Sparkling Squirrel said...

Thanks Erin. That's somewhat reassuring-- even though they were good, I don't like the idea of standardized scores from tests I took in high school following me for life, and I particularly don't like the idea that scores are following me and I don't know it.