Saturday, November 14, 2009

Thirty and Thirtysomething

Every year I think that Jennifer, Jenny and Irene deserve their own happy birthday posts and every year I know that I'll forget in the hubbub of Thanksgiving (which is normal for their lives, which is why they deserve individual attention all the more). In any case, before Nov. 31* Irene and Jenny will each begin the fourth decade of their lives and Jennifer will turn a different "thirtysomething". Here's wishing them great celebrations and joyful future trips around the sun.

This makes all of us but Abby past the three-oh point. In my experience, thirties beat out twenties by a long way, maybe because I've known all of you in my thirties : )

*Yes, I know there isn't a Nov. 31.


Beth said...

Happy Birthday to Jenny and Jen and Irene! I also don't want to forget to celebrate any of these.

Irene said...

Thank you SpSq for the warm birthday wishes! Also, a happy birthday to each of the other November-birthday knitters.

I've been asked several times whether I'm doing anything special to celebrate turning 30. But honestly, I don't feel like it's that much more of a big deal than any other birthday. We'll be at Vlad's parents' house on Thanksgiving, and my MIL will give me new clothes. I'll celebrate with a Thanksgiving/birthday dinner with my family on Saturday. On my actual birthday (Friday), we may or may not go to a nice restaurant - depending on whether we can get someone to watch Annika for us. In other words, par for course.

Of course, one special thing I will be doing in just a few days is visiting SpSq - but that has a lot more to do with my desire to see Diathus and his parents than with my birthday.

Molly said...

Happy birthday November knitters! I hope the coming year brings much to celebrate :)

Erin said...

Happy birthday all!

Jennifer said...

Thanks Everyone! And Happy Birthday to Irene and Jenny!