Monday, August 3, 2009

Plumber poem

Liz made this up about me waiting for the plumber all morning and then getting irrationally miffed about a shower suggestion.

Little Miss Feeling Beastly
Sat on her keestly
Waiting for the plumber all day.
Then one more silly demand
Made her hop up and say
Enough! I am done! No whey!

Follow up the next day (by Liz) see the comments to follow the story:

Plumbing hell

The shady after-hours plumber

Took away Debbie’s john

And made an infernal racket

Until the break of dawn.

The plumber was on his knees

All covered in sweat and tears

Finally gave up and left, no charge,

Leaving Debbie with just her fears.

Then out from the pipe popped Beelzebub.

Completely covered in poo

He left a big invoice, covered in filth,

And said “the joke’s on you!”

So Debbie made a call or two

And finally realized this: it

Is better to choose the devil you know

When you’re dealing with horrible sh*t!


Floyd's! He'll move your toilet!

Floyd's! Won't let anything spoil't.

In 25 minutes, he's got it all cleaned out.

Only 105 dollars, let the people shout!

For Floyd's!


Beth said...


nice - thanks Liz and Debbie for posting. :-)

Sparkling Squirrel said...

So, does the plumbing saga continue?

Debbie said...

yes, plumbing saga continues. I finally called them around noon, and the guy said, oh, well there's no charge for evening service!!!! So the plumber will arrive after 6p. Which means between 6pm and the end of the world?

Debbie said...

The plumbing saga escalated. The guy drove in from Kansas City! Crippy, why do they do that? The phone book just had a local number. Then he reveals there's an extra $80 charge for having to remove the toilet (he assumed he'd be going through the basement). Ok, my fault for not asking details. Then after my giant pause he says he won't charge the toilet moving fee, he's having a crappy day. THEN the rooter machine won't fit through the bathroom door. He asks is I care if it's damaged! Of course I do. At this point I ask him if I can just give him $10 and cancel the whole thing. He says there's a $69 charge just for showing up. So finally he's got the machine in and is rooting, & I hear lots of clanging that doesn't seem right & even look in the pantry to make sure things aren't coming out of the washing machine. Then he comes out and says he can't get the rooter thing to go DOWN into the pipe, it keeps going up into the vent. So he gives up and says there's no charge. I did offer him $10 cash for his time & rotten day, but he wouldn't accept it. He had what I assumed was a British accent. He said he's from the UK and I asked where and it was somewhere I'm not familiar with, and he said that he's picked up a bit of British accent from being in the military. I don't know what his accent really is then. (So I think I'll research the UK, that always confused me). The irony is I couldn't remember who I used 6 yrs ago that did a good & cheap job, but then accidentally came across the receipt for it while filing bills. And then with this KC place being a dud I called my boss who called a plumber friend who recommended the guy I used 6 yrs ago! So One giant lesson for me, one phone call to the original guy I called 6 yrs ago. The end.

Sparkling Squirrel said...

So it's done, or you just have a call in to the right guy?

The UK officially includes Great Britain (the island, made up of England, Scotland and Wales) and Northern Ireland (Ulster). The Isle of Man and the Channel Islands (Jersey and Guersey) have another weird affilation.

salsis said...

I still have to call the real guy. I'll do it in the morning. I'm getting used to peeing in the back yard.

Tucson Trekker said...

Criminy! I sure hope the right plumber does a good job! Your yard may miss the extra nitrogen, though!

Jennifer said...

sending good plumbing vibes your way.

Debbie said...

I called the original guy I called 6 yrs ago. He will call me when he is on his way & I will leave work & meet him at home!