Saturday, March 28, 2009

GBKD Mini-weekend retreat Update

The big drama, at least for me, about this retreat was getting Sparkling Squirrel from the airport to Lawrence before the snow storm of the decade set in to the KC metro area. The forecast was for 6-12 inches in Independence and other parts of the metro, with most of the metro forecast for up to six inches. This storm was dumping 15 inches of snow in Western Kansas! There were calls for Thundersnow! Snow could start as early a 7 pm on Friday or 4 am on Saturday. (SS's flight came in at 10:30 pm).

The original plan was I was to pick SS from the airport and return to Independence where we would hang out Sat. morning. Early Sat. afternoon we would head to Lawrence for the larger retreat. Well, with the snow in the forecast, I was worried about getting to Lawrence on Sat.

So I decided to pick up SS from the airport and then head to Lawrence, if the roads were not bad.

I worried about this all day on Friday. Picked SS up without incidence, drove to Lawrence without incidence - just a little sleet.

Had a wonderful time with Sparkling Squirrel and Sally's Sister and a special guest. Slept well.

But this morning - no snow.

Currently, Sally's Sister is making homemade pizza dough for our pizza party tonight.


Tucson Trekker said...

Yay! Come show up!!!