Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Joe Biden is coming to My School

Holy Moley, I just found out and the school is abuzz. Tomorrow at 2:30 Joe Biden will be here at Jewell at my school. I have sent Steve out to get tickets. I hope we get to go.

Yesterday we had an e-mail that some of the homecoming events were being moved around - I thought that was strange, but had no idea what it meant. Now we all know.



Cathy said...

That's awesome! Not swing-state people get all of the attention!

Beth said...

I agree - that's awesome! Have fun.

Cathy said...

So, did you get to go? How was it?! I heard about it on NPR this morning, but of course they only played short clips.

Jennifer said...

Well - I did not get to see him. I had a ticket, Steve and I stood in line for 1.5 hours. We sat in the Maybee center another hour. I had a 3 o'clock meeting I had to go to and the rally started late. No Joe Biden for me. Steve did get to see him and said it was a great speech and the experience was inspirational. So much so that it cleared Steve's last reservation about putting our yard sign out!

Oh well - such is life. It was still fun being around all of the excitement of the people who were there. They did not have enough seats for all the tickets that gave away and many people had to go into the overflow room.

Maybe Obama will come to KC soon. That would be really awesome.

Jenny said...

I'm sorry you didn't get to go. With Missouri looking like a very close race, I hope you'll have other chances!!
Iowa's not close anymore so I don't think we'll get to hear from the candidates, so it is really exciting to hear your experiences.
We did get to hear Joe Biden in December when he was a presidential candidate, and were really impressed with him. The minute he walked in the room he was ambushed with hugs by several kids of the congresswomen and another polician who had endorsed him, and I was amazed that he had cultivated such relationships in a short few months of campaining.