Saturday, July 3, 2010

Moving Issues?

As readers of my blog know, our stuff is stuck somewhere between our house in WV (where it was loaded June 25) and our house in OK (where it was scheduled to be unloaded July 1-3 and is now scheduled to be unloaded July 13-15).
Besides being really really pissed off about the communication issues (did our booking agent really not know there were no trucks? Neither the little WV company who loaded the stuff nor the national company in charge of hauling it thought to tell us that it wasn't coming until we called them on June 30 to see if we should expect it the next day) and feeling deceived (we went with this company because others couldn't get trucks) and without the appropriate stuff for the vacation I am leaving for, I am wondering how common issues like this are.
I don't think a moving company can stay in business if they regularly keep things what is estimated (by them and all on-line parties) to be 7-9 days (for a two day drive) 20 days-- but maybe they do.
Any experiences?


Erin said...

I think this is very common. In fact, you will be lucky if it only takes 7 extra days, especially if it was a last-minute booking. People moving out here to Hawaii have their stuff arrive weeks late, but it has to go by boat. My colleague moved from Hawaii to Puerto Rico with a relocation service and his stuff was over 3 months late! And he had to stay on top of them, calling the entire time. I think the companies stay in business because they are all terrible. Sorry for troubles, but sounds like exciting times are ahead!

Beth said...

Sigh. This is one reason why I didn't use a big company when I moved from KS. The local companies seem to be much more reliable but many of them won't cross state lines anymore.

Jenny said...

Well, I'd say what a pain except it is much more than a pain! I'm sorry to hear about all the moving troubles. It is stressful enough just to relocate, without stuff like this making it much more frustrating. I hope that you were able to go on your vacation and are enjoying it, despite the moving issues.

Molly said...

Hey there sp sq, I'm not sure if you got my e-mail via yelp, but we had a similarly frustrating experience. What we thought was a moving company was actually a shell company, who in essence sold our moving contract to someone else (without asking or even telling us). By the time we actually received our furniture (a month late), the price went up twice and our things had been transferred twice to different companies... and all along we only found out what was going on by calling constantly and piecing together what was happening. We didn't have any recourse that we knew about (save Brian's yelp review), as our things were essentially held hostage until we paid up. Horrible experience. We have vowed to never use a moving company again, and just hire help to pack a moving van that we drive ourselves.

Sparkling Squirrel said...

The kind in-laws signed for our stuff yesterday. It should be there when we "return" next week.