Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Plant Photos and Ideas

I'm teaching a small Plant Anatomy and Morphology class in the spring. One activity I would like to have my students do is to tag plant photos so they have ample experience with the terminology before spring comes (I have dried plants and herbarium specimens as well, of course) the secondary purpose is, of course, to have a collection of tagged plant photos that I could use for future classes. Tags could range from ID to leaf shape to fruit type . . . depending on the plant and the photo.
1) Any suggestions for how to do this-- set up a web page, flickr, blog, something else?
2) Have any photos to contribute (of course collection of tagged would be available to you as well)?

(simple, lobed, crenate)


Irene said...

My first thought is to set up a Flickr group. Students who are Flickr-savvy could contribute directly, and those who aren't could email you their photos and you could upload them (but be aware that if you are using a free account, your monthly uploads are limited).

In my limited experience, it can be a bit of a pain to put photographs in blog posts and have them arranged the way you want them, but there might be blog formats that are more photo-friendly.