Monday, July 27, 2009

Happenings of the Greater GBKD

Maybe because I'm not on Facebook (sorry, I still might someday, but another student just tried to convince me to join which reminds me of how little I want to think about students and co-workers as "friends". Somehow I'm much better about publicly anonymously posting about my life for readers who have to seek it out rather than worrying about friends and privacy settings), or maybe because somehow I'm a social-networking "node" (this idea makes me giggle), or maybe 'cause I don't pay enough attention: I've noticed that a lot of momentous things are happening that haven't been fully noted. So, here's a partial list of things that I understand have, will or were going to happen this year and that I desire more information about.
Babies: 4 new ones-- one of undetermined sex to be induced on Wednesday, a girl to Heather due in Sept. and a girl due in October and a boy due in December; plus one one year old.
Moves: Jenny to St. Louis, Cathy to St. Louis, Jennifer to Liberty (from Independence), Molly to Utah (and a marriage), Juls to Lawrence (all completed), TT to California (in progress?), and Beth to a different place (hoped for?).
Travels: Jenny to New Zealand, Erin to Palau, Cathy to Australia, SpSq to Italy, Abby to Britain (?), Jennifer to Puerto Rico (?), Sal Sis to the Grand Canyon and Haiti (?) and many others I don't know about.
Research and Jobs: Cathy fantastic finish, Cheryl almost done, Beth closer to tenure, Juls back in grad school and with a possible new project, Abby taking great pictures and making crazy dives, Jennifer fumigating a greenhouse, TT and Irene involved with all kinds of projects, Sal Sis becomming a stricter boss . . .
On-going Stuff: beekeeping, reading, knitting, commuting, house repairs, house painting, cool crafty mobiles, pets, hiking, canoeing, gardening, fascination with mosses, summer science camps . . .
Anyway, I don't think I'm the only reader who wants more details!


Sparkling Squirrel said...

So I just learned this afternoon that my Cathy info is incorrect. Cathy, can you clue us into what you are doing now?

Beth said...

My info is correct - my hubby and I are in the waiting game of getting our place sold. We want to move to a suburb so we can have a bigger yard and hopefully a bigger house. I'm working on a manuscript that should have been done years ago but better late than never I guess. I can't believe that SS is about to give birth already - wow. We saw Jenny and Tim last month when we were in St. Louis for a wedding and they have a nice new place there. The summer has been pretty quiet for us - lots of work but relaxed.

Thanks SS for getting this thread started.

Anonymous said...

On our end - we are in the process of buying a house (close on Sept 2). We are pretty excited - 1941 all red brick house with a sun room! Will show pics when we get them. Also, fun with the in-laws this week and then next week with my parents

Tucson Trekker said...

I'm sitting here surrounded by boxes snatching a moment to read blogs (really in hopes of news of SpSq but I know she'll hardly blog first thing after the delivery). Anyone with news of SpSq please post! The huge ABF truck arrived today and the movers come tomorrow, hopefully to pack all of our rather fleabitten stuff into it. With a few exceptions our furniture is old and crappy, and only worth hauling to CA because of the cost and labor of replacing it! Nate does have a nice new keyboard on which he plays a LOVELY rendition of the piano piece in Amelie. We did find a place in Thousand Oaks (a condo for rent), which is half the size and twice the price of our current house. We are SO going to miss our citrus and pomegranate trees and extra cash to go to restaurants! On the other hand, we WON'T miss the heat (109 today in Tucson, 77 in TO)!

Good luck with the move, Beth. I've heard the housing market is picking back up and I hope that helps you guys.

Good luck with the new house, Cheryl. It's so exciting to think of owning a house! I'm looking forward to the pics.

I did find out recently that the baby is a boy. Unlike SpSq, I did have a preference, although I didn't WANT to have a preference. I'm not sure why, but I wanted a girl. I'm getting used to the idea of a boy and of course I love him very much. I am glad, though, to have time to get used to the idea before he comes. Besides (and I guess I'm a little embarrassed about this) I think his little ** is insanely cute in the ultrasound. I hope that's not weird! (The rest of him is pretty cute, too. Well, maybe the four chambers of his heart were a bit more interesting than cute, exactly).

Anyway, this has gotten long and I do need to get back to packing:(

Please share any news you have of SpSq.

Beth said...

Glad to hear I'm not the only one wondering about SS.

TT - Congrats on soon to be having a boy! Also good luck with the move. I'm off to bed since I need to hire pt faculty tomorrow and get the house ready for a showing. ack.

Sparkling Squirrel said...

How much of a nerd am I if I read Beth's post and think, "why is Beth hiring prairie turnip faculty?"

Congratulations on the house, Cheryl.

So, I'm fine, but there is no external Mervivian yet. I've never heard any of the means of giving birth described as "fun" but being induced is a real drag-- 27 hours in my hospital bed and just now starting to have painful contractions-- I was 2+ cm. dialated at the doctor's office on Tuesday, and after 15 hours of contraction causing IV, I was still at 2+ cm. last night. This morning I was at 3-4 (of a total 10) and they broke my water, so things should progress, but still. . . I'm here, bored and checking my e-mail. Mervivian is being closely monitored and is being a great baby except for the making the hormones to make my body open for her (or him).
My new weird personal gender issue is about patterns. While I am very happy with how the baby's room looks overall, and I think that yellow with blue accents is a great general color scheme, I found that my plans for a valance are entirely gender based-- bold stripes if boy and floral if girl. I had no idea this about myself.

Anyway, I'm hoping I won't be checking again from the hospital, but appreciate comments and nice thoughts if I am (I appreciate them anyway, but I think you know what I mean).
Good luck with the packing TT! I know its a drag but you can do it.
You'll be great parents of a little boy.

Jennifer said...

Hi SS,

Been thinking about you all morning and hoping that things were progressing well, without too much waiting.

Enjoy the boredom while you can! Say hello to the alien monkey when it comes to earth.

Hang in there (Jeff too!)


Jenny said...

Congrats to SS and her family!! Welcome, William!!

Tucson Trekker said...
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Beth said...

Congrats to SS and welcome William!